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Innovative Functions Inc. is the result of our vision to create a world-class full service Engineering, Consulting Firm specializing in Industrial Automation. Our venture was launched in 1991, consisting of a few founders, myself included, with pride and a desire to turn our vision into a thriving company. Since our humble beginning we have strived to evolve with the ever changing needs of the manufacturing industry to provide expertise in the manufacturing processes of many different industries. We have refined our focus to provide automation solutions to many manufacturing processes, by designing and building specialized controlled and automated machinery for manufacturing. We currently do work in 12 states centered around Ohio, from Maine to Georgia and out to Minnesota. We have shipped some of our automation machinery as far as Texas and Washington State. In the past few years Innovative Functions has exported some items to branches of our customers in Canada and Mexico. Our primary focus is now, and has always been Engineering, Automation, Software and Fabrication for Industry. As a result, the Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors has registered us as an approved Engineering firm. We proudly offer our services where the skills and certification of "Stamped" work is required. Innovative Functions is dedicated to providing the highest quality engineering and fabrication services.

We have the people and experience in house that allows us to offer a wide range of services. Together these services add up to a turnkey solution. In addition to our turnkey solutions we offer all of our services individually. From a need we are able to conceptualize, engineer, design, program, build, test and install an innovative solution.

Our mission statement and goal is; “Providing Innovative Solutions for Today’s Challenges!”

Stoss K. Pope, PE
President and CEO
Innovative Functions Inc.

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