The Interface
SYSTEMS: DOS, Win95, Win98, WinNT
MIN:     32M RAM, 2M HD, Pentium
PART NO: TI35x35
PART NO: x = operating system
PRICE:   Starts at $3000.00 US dollars
Innovative Functions has developed a flexible device interface program to interact with operators and/or collect data from a wide variety of devices. Many popular databases have been integrated into these applications. This application has been successfully applied in the manufacturing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. The price starts at $3,000.00 US Dollars and will vary depending on the number of devices and complexity of the interface.

We have a VAR relationship with several manufactures to supply you with the hardware to make this a complete solution.
SYSTEMS: DOS, Win95, Win98, WinNT
MIN:     ...
PART NO: x = operating system
PRICE: Starts at $1500.00 US dollars
Our Point Of Sale stations can be stand alone or networked together on Local Area Networks or even Wide Area Networks for multiple locations. The stations and software are customized to meet your needs. These stations can be set up for a wide variety of applications from a Cash Register to a specialized vending machine. Here are a few of the options:
  • Bar-code readers
  • Message displays
  • Touch screens
  • Receipt printers
  • Change dispensers
  • Enhanced Cash drawer
  • Cash validaters
  • Arcade style enclosure
  • Outdoor enclosures
Data Collection
SYSTEMS: Win95, Win98, WinNT, MS Access
MIN:     32M RAM, 5M HD, Pentium
PART NO: DC70x__
PART NO: x = operating system
PRICE:   Starts at $10,000.00 US dollars
The Data Terminal product line gathers information from operators via keypad, radio frequency handheld terminals, magnetic card readers, bar-code readers, touch screen and digital inputs. The data is gathered in an SQL compliant database. The data can be sorted, analyzed or simply archived. Custom forms, queries and reports make the most of the data being gathered. These terminals and software have been used for the following purposes:
  • Material receiving
  • Warehouse control
  • Work In Process tracking
  • Bar-code product tracking
This product has the potential to cover almost any data collection or interface need.
Timecard and Entry System
SYSTEMS: Win95, Win98, WinNT
MIN:     32M RAM, 25M HD, Pentium
PART NO: x = operating system
PRICE:   Starts at $7,500.00 US dollars
An innovative Turn Style entry system with a minimum of moving parts. Innovative Functions, Inc. offers the complete system of Badge swipe readers, Time logging software and server packaged with one or multiple Turn Styles. We will even install the system giving you a turnkey solution to your entry control needs. We will also sell components of the system and interface to existing components.
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